Latest news from - Education feed

Latest news from - Education feed

  1. USC’s residential education director shines in the geek spotlight at Comic-Con

    07.24 / 23:44 - Education
    Emily Sandoval takes her message to a sympathetic audience: Embrace your "nerdentity" and you can succeed in college academically and…
  2. In memoriam: Alfred Fischer, 96, prominent geologist

    07.24 / 22:41 - Education
    Professor emeritus became a world leader in sedimentary geology and a devoted teacher whose 1952 book on paleontology endured for more than six…
  3. Surgery and therapy at USC offers hope for patients with lymphedema

    07.24 / 16:24 - Education
    Thanks to cutting-edge surgery and the work of USC occupational therapists, patients no longer have to suffer through the pain of…
  4. Biologist takes artistic view of science — and the results are stunning

    07.24 / 15:23 - Education
    Amanda Kwieraga uses acrylic and ink on wood panels to create 'Art for Science's…