Latest news from - Lifestyle feed

Latest news from - Lifestyle feed

  1. Las Vegas Mass Shooting Eyewitness: There Were “Four To Five” Shooters Attacking Multiple Hotels

    10.07 / 21:37 - Lifestyle
    An extremely shocking and detailed account of what may have actually happened during the Las Vegas mass shooting has been revealed by an…
  2. Proof: The Mainstream Media Actively Works Against President Trump On A Daily Basis

    10.07 / 19:06 - Lifestyle
    According to new research by the Pew Research Center, Trump has actually had the most negative media coverage of any president over the past 25…
  3. Video: Automatic Gunfire Heard At GROUND LEVEL During Las Vegas Mass Shooting As Cover-up Continues To Unravel

    10.07 / 09:57 - Lifestyle
    New video has emerged that seems to directly contain audio confirmation that a shooter was firing an automatic weapon from ground…
  4. Shock: Conservative New York Times Columnist Calls For Repealing The Second Amendment

    10.07 / 04:53 - Lifestyle
    Supposed conservative Bret Stephens has called for the full on repeal of the Second Amendment in the wake of the largest mass shooting in American…
  5. Is A Serious Event About To Take Place? President Trump Warns “It’s The Calm Before The Storm”

    10.07 / 04:53 - Lifestyle
    As Trump attempted to wrap up the impromptu moment with reporters, he was asked, "What storm Mr. President?".... “You’ll find out," Trump res…
  6. Here’s Why The Second Amendment Is Necessary (VIDEO)

    10.07 / 04:53 - Lifestyle
    Here are three recent videos from countries with significantly more stringent gun control than the United States that demonstrate why the Second Amendment is always…