Latest news from - Africa feed

Latest news from - Africa feed

  1. How will Iran and Turkey deal with Kurdish state bid?

    10.04 / 21:30 - Africa
    Iran and Turkey join forces to oppose Kurdish secession in…
  2. Spain king 'ignoring millions of Catalans': Puidgemont

    10.04 / 21:30 - Africa
    Catalonia's regional president criticises the king of Spain as he renews call for dialogue - a request denied by…
  3. Turkey sentences 40 to life for trying to kill Erdogan

    10.04 / 18:49 - Africa
    Rogue soldiers convicted in a major trial linked to last year's failed coup attempt that left hundreds…
  4. Will the UN blacklist Saudi-led coalition over Yemen?

    10.04 / 12:51 - Africa
    Debate rages over whether UN will include Saudi-led coalition in Yemen on blacklist of children's rights…
  5. Tanzanian president earns $4008 a month

    10.04 / 11:29 - Africa
    President John Magufuli's salary is a third of what former president Jakaya Kikwete was reported to be…