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  1. Barack Obama defends Affordable Care Act as House prepares to repeal it

    Ibtimes.co.uk -World 03.23 / 15:32 www.ibtimes.co.uk
    Obamacare has saved 100,000 lives in seven years former president claims as it faces Republican…
  2. Where Is Malia Obama Now? Barack Obama’s Daughter Spotted At ‘Sweeney Todd’ Broadway

    IBTimes - Politics 03.23 / 13:36 ibtimes.com
    Former President Barack Obama’s older daughter Malia Obama was photographed attending a performance of Broadway play “Sweeney Todd.” The teen is currently interning for Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in New York City. The picture, in which Malia is seen with the cast, was shared on the official Instagram account of “Sweeney Todd.”…
  3. History of Assassinations and Threats on American Presidents from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama

    Ktrs.com - Arkansas (AR) 03.22 / 18:33 ktrs.com
    Dr. Ron Feinman is the author of a new book titled, Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama. Dr. Feinman joined Jon Grayson to talk about his book and the history of attempts on different American Presidents’ …