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  1. Sierra Leone: Project 1808 Certifies 35 Ebola Survivors

    Allafrica.com -Health 04.30 / 10:47 allafrica.com
    [Concord] Project 1808, a non-profit making non-governmental organization has on Wednesday, 26th April, 2017, certified 35 Ebola survivors at Rokel community in the Western Area Rural…
  2. Mystery illness kills 11 in Liberia – Ebola ruled out

    Wnd.com - World 04.29 / 22:35 wnd.com
    (Reuters) Eleven people have died and five are in the hospital, Liberian officials said on Friday, after contracting a mystery illness the World Health Organisation (WHO) said was linked to attendance at the funeral of a religious leader. “We are still investigating. The only thing we have ruled out is … Ebola,” said Liberia’s Chief…
  3. Ebola Vaccine Could Be a Game-changer

    Newdelhitimes.com - Health 04.29 / 06:52 newdelhitimes.com
    A group of experts meeting at the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend a promising experimental Ebola vaccine in future outbreaks of this fatal disease. The 2013 Ebola outbreak in West Africa killed 11,300 people, highlighting the need for a vaccine to control of the deadly virus. Of 12 candidate vaccines, only one that was tested…