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  1. Hillary Clinton's pastor admits that portions of his new book of devotions were plagiarized

    Christiantimes.com - Religion 08.17 / 22:07 christiantimes.com
    Rev. Dr. William S. Shillady, the longtime pastor of Hillary Clinton, has admitted that he inadvertently plagiarized portions of his newly released book that contains more than 365 devotions he wrote for the failed 2016 Democratic presidential…
  2. Hillary Clinton: Claims She ‘Beat’ Trump

    Hillary Clinton says that she “beat” Donald Trump—and Bernie Sanders—in a lengthy feature article by New York Magazine. Clinton, 69, started by dismissing the not…
  3. Hillary Clinton, Ukraine collusion story in fake news shadows

    WashingtonTimes-World 08.17 / 21:21 washingtontimes.com
    ANALYSIS/OPINION: The "Trump colluded with Russia" narrative is alive and well in the United States. With the media and the Marxist left lacking any facts to support this falsehood, they have now resorted to guessing what evidence hackers overseas may provide to resuscitate their attempt to unseat a duly elected…