Satanic Temple launches anti-school spanking campaign in Texas (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Satanic Temple launches anti-school spanking campaign in Texas (PHOTO, VIDEO)
  1. Satanic Temple launches anti-school spanking campaign in Texas (PHOTO, VIDEO)
    The growing number of Satanic Temple followers have been making their presence felt across America and are now campaigning to outlaw corporal punishment in schools. Read Full Article at…

The organization this week unveiled a huge billboard in Springtown, Texas, as part of their ‘Protect Children Project,’ which read: “Never be hit in school again. Exercise your religious rights.”

Springtown made headlines in 2012, after a male vice principal spanked two female students aged 15 and 16, leaving “welts, blisters and bruises” according to the teens’ parents.

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While corporal punishment is still legal in Texas with parental consent, it was, at the time, illegal for a member of the opposite sex to paddle a student. The Springtown ISD Board of Trustees later changed the policy to allow an administrator of the opposite sex to dole out the punishment, on condition that an administrator of the same sex supervises.

The temple’s poster was apparently ill-received by some locals and torn down just one day after it was erected. The group says they will be reinstating the billboard.

The Satanic Temple plans to post billboards near schools that still practice corporal punishment, which is legal in 19 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia,…

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