Wheels24.co.za | All eyes on Max Verstappen as new F1 season gets underway

Wheels24.co.za | All eyes on Max Verstappen as new F1 season gets underway
  1. Wheels24.co.za | All eyes on Max Verstappen as new F1 season gets underway
    Max Verstappen no longer has the element of surprise, and all eyes will be on the Dutch sensation when the F1 season gets underway in Australia next…

Paris - Max Verstappen no longer has the element of surprise, and all eyes will be on the Dutch driver when the Formula 1 season gets underway at the 2017 Australian Grand Prix on March 26.

The Red Bull driver has already made Formula One history as the youngest to win a race and the youngest to qualify on the front row of the grid. He also completed a record 78 overtaking moves during the 21-race season.

He did that last season, which included an astonishing drive to cut through the field during the rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen climbed from 15th place to third with just 10 laps remaining.

No-limits approach

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called it "one of the best drives I've seen in Formula 1" and it evoked comparison with the great Ayrton Senna for the similar daring he showed during his career. For someone so young, Vertappen's mesmeric drive that day drew widespread admiration for the skill and courage involved.

But Verstappen's no-limits approach is also divisive.

The sport and its fans love him — orange-clad Dutch fans turned up in their thousands at the Belgium GP last August — but some drivers don't. Verstappen antagonized senior drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen with his brazen attitude last season.

Worse, in their eyes, he's not in the habit of apologizing.

Instead, Verstappen chastised Vettel over the radio after an incident during one race and mocked Vettel's frustration because of his difficult season with Ferrari. Arguing with a four-time F1 champion? No problem.

All this and Verstappen is still only 19.

There is little doubt that Verstappen is the future of F1. With three-time champion Lewis Hamilton into his 30s and Vettel turning 30 in July, F1 will be counting heavily on Verstappen in the years to come. Even more so as it seeks to flourish in a digitally-focused, social media era under its new American ownership.

Verstappen is also massively ambitious.

"Wishing to become world champion is too easy. You also need to fight for it," he said Sunday on his personal website. "I just want the best car and the rest is up to you."

Verstappen is not known for his modesty. Others might say he has unshakeable belief that he can win the F1 title already.

Perhaps he can, but Red Bull may not yet have a quick enough car for him.

Verstappen said: "It's hard to say. Personally, I think that we aren't the best team yet, but we need to wait and see. After qualifying in Australia we will be able to see how it is, based purely on speed. In any case, we are not heading off to Melbourne with the thought of being able to take pole (position)."

Verstappen also has his own teammate to contend with.

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