Reasons for Rayney murder suspicion

Reasons for Rayney murder suspicion
  1. Reasons for Rayney murder suspicion
    A WA detective who investigated Corryn Rayney's murder has told her husband's defamation trial that physical evidence and his behaviour made the barrister a…

A WA detective who investigated Corryn Rayney's murder has told her husband's defamation trial that physical evidence and his behaviour made the barrister a suspect.

Detective Sergeant Ian Moore said when Mr Rayney was named the only suspect by Det Sen Sgt Jack Lee in September 2007, there were "lots of other persons of interest" and he was automatically included.

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Mr Rayney is suing the West Australian government for being named as the prime and only suspect in the murder of his ... Mr Rayney is suing the West Australian government for being named as the prime and only suspect in the murder of his wife Corryn. 

"Statistically, it is highly likely that a husband is responsible for the murder of his wife," he said in his statement.

"Lloyd Rayney's actions and behaviour, the evidence of witnesses and physical material elevated my level of suspicion against Lloyd Rayney."

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Det Sgt Moore said he did not believe it was a "random attack", saying they were usually disorganised and done in the spur of the moment.

"I did not believe a random attacker would go to such effort to bury the body," he said.


The detective said there was no direct evidence the Supreme Court registrar had been sexually assaulted, and the possibility of a robbery was negated by the $100 found in the glove box.

He also noted the "acrimonious, toxic" state of the couple's relationship amid claims of infidelity and gambling.

Det Sgt Moore later learned two people saw Mr Rayney mowing his front verge days after his wife died in August 2007.

It was significant because they had not seen him do it before and the family's gardener had done the job the day after Ms Rayney was murdered.

"The only logical explanation I could come to from his actions was that he was trying to destroy, conceal or remove potential evidence relating to the…

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