Facebook Unveils A New, Limited Journalism Project

Facebook Unveils A New, Limited Journalism Project
  1. Facebook Unveils A New, Limited Journalism Project
    Facebook is unveiling a new journalism project Wednesday. No, the Silicon Valley giant isn't hiring a team of reporters. Facebook says it wants engineers — the tech talent at local and global publishers — to tag-team earlier on to develop technologies that make Facebook a more powerful platform to distribute news and discuss it. Facebook Live has become a visceral way to share breaking, even disturbing news — such as the death of 32-year-old Philando Castile , who was shot by police minut…

Facebook is unveiling a new journalism project Wednesday. No, the Silicon Valley giant isn't hiring a team of reporters. Facebook says it wants engineers — the tech talent at local and global publishers — to tag-team earlier on to develop technologies that make Facebook a more powerful platform to distribute news and discuss it.

Facebook Live has become a visceral way to share breaking, even disturbing news — such as the death of 32-year-old Philando Castile, who was shot by police minutes before his girlfriend began to live-stream his dying in a car. (Facebook pays NPR and other leading news organizations to produce live video streams. NPR is not part of this new journalism project.)

Facebook wants to build new tools that draw in audiences and drive engagement with news content. A senior official says the company is looking for a new mode of working with publishers, and that Facebook's approach has evolved based on feedback it is getting.

This move signals that news publishers are important to Facebook — and that the company plans to deepen, not lessen, its role in the news business.

The company has not specified what new products are on the horizon, but the goals include helping local news outlets target their audience on the app, so that it's easier for residents of a specific town to have a debate about high school football or a city council bill.

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    Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit SCOTT SIMON, HOST: In addition to the main demonstration in Washington, D.C., there are other marches happening across the country and outside of the United States, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, London, Sydney and more. We go now to Raleigh, N.C., where Jess Clark of member station WUNC joins us. Jess, thanks for being with us. JESS CLARK, BYLINE: Yeah, no problem. SIMON: What's the day been like in Raleigh?…
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    As the Women's March on Washington has swelled in support, attracting attention and supporters in the lead-up to Saturday's demonstrations, its name has become something of a misnomer. Sister marches have been organized in all 50 states, and in countries around the world. They have been organized to express solidarity with the aims of the original march: opposition to President Trump's agenda, and support of women's rights and human rights in general. Given the quirks of time zones, many…
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    Greece’s health authorities are on alert as 14 people have died of flu complications this winter, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) said on Friday. The particular flu virus seems lethal for older people, as all victims were 58-91 years old with only three of them inoculated. The flu virus that prevails this…
  9. Demonstrators Gather Early To Kick Off Women's March On Washington

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    It began to take shape in the hours after Election Day, as a simple Facebook invitation to march in protest of Donald Trump's electoral victory. By the time President Trump was inaugurated Friday, the Women's March on Washington had ballooned into something much more massive — with a broad platform of political positions , a slate of celebrity performers and a series of sister marches planned in all 50 states and six continents across the world. On Saturday, the heart of those d…
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    In its 152-year history, Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. never had a deaf female president — until a year ago. Roberta Cordano is the first deaf woman to lead the school. Gallaudet is a liberal arts university devoted to deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Classes are taught in American Sign Language, and all students and faculty are required to know how to sign. But president Cordano never attended a deaf school herself. "I grew up during a period of time when it was believed that …
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    It seems like a no-brainer. Before you spend big bucks on a massive effort to improve life for the world's poorest — say, distributing millions of free bed nets against malarial mosquitoes, or offering thousands of women microloans as small as $200 to start small businesses — you should run a smaller scale test to make sure the idea actually works. After all, just because a project sounds good in theory doesn't mean it's going to pan out in practice. For instance, what if giving out the bed…
  13. The Many Faces Of Inauguration Day Attendees

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    People traveled to Washington, D.C., from around the country to witness the transition of power to the 45th president of the United States. Amid celebration and clashes, a few faces stood out. Watching giant screens, blocks away from the incoming president, these people braved crowds and weather to watch history being made. Ken Crider and his wife, Penny Age: 51 City of Residence: Detroit area Crider has a hat signed by Ted Cruz. Well, it began that way. Crider, an elector for Michigan,…
  14. This Spanish prison ministry is helping rehabilitate inmates

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    Madrid, Spain, Jan 21, 2017 / 06:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The prison ministry founded by a Spanish Jesuit in the 1960s has had such fruits as a group of inmates donating their own money to help the needy at Christmas, according to the head of the foundation. At Christmas of 2015, a group of prisoners in the Estremera prison in Madrid did their own food drive to buy non-perishable food with their own money from the prison store, Lola Navarro, president of the Father Garralda-Horizontes…
  15. A lack of respect

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    The disruption caused by the changes introduced to the social security of the country’s self-employed professionals – due to the government’s inept handling of such an important issue – is…
  16. Government warns media over anti-Russian comments

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      The government has dismissed recent media reports claiming that Russia was working against a settlement, with President Nicos Anastasiades sending a message to media outlets to refrain from making what was described as false assessments. In statements to state broadcaster CyBC on Friday night, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said that Cyprus maintains good relations […] The post Government warns media over anti-Russian comments appeared first on Cyprus…
  17. More survivors rescued from avalanche-hit Rigopiano hotel in Italy

    Dw.de - Europe
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    Emergency crews in Italy have rescued four more people from a hotel which was destroyed by an avalanche on Wednesday. In total, 11 people have been located alive but the whereabouts of many more remain…
  18. Turkey's parliament approve bill to expand President Erdogan's powers

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    Turkey's parliament on Saturday approved a contentious constitutional reform package, paving the way for a referendum on a presidential system that would greatly expand the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's…
  19. Suspected internet fraudster arrested at airport

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    A 37-year-old woman was arrested on Friday night at Larnaca airport in connection with internet fraud and theft. According to reports, the 37-year-old foreign national had allegedly launched a website for the sale of products to Asian countries, but she was pocketing the money buyers were paying. Buyers were asked to send the money to […] The post Suspected internet fraudster arrested at airport appeared first on Cyprus…
  20. Students killed and scores injured in northern Italy bus crash

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    Italian police say 16 people died and some 40 injured when a bus carrying Hungarian school students returning home from France crashed into the side of a highway near…