U.S. Puts First Bumblebee On The Endangered Species List

U.S. Puts First Bumblebee On The Endangered Species List
  1. U.S. Puts First Bumblebee On The Endangered Species List
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the rusty patched bumble bee an endangered species — the first such designation for a bumblebee and for a bee species in the continental U.S. The protected status, which goes into effect on Feb. 10, includes requirements for federal protections and the development of a recovery plan. It also means that states with habitats for this species are eligible for federal funds. "Today's Endangered Species listing is the best—and probably last—hope …

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the rusty patched bumble bee an endangered species — the first such designation for a bumblebee and for a bee species in the continental U.S.

The protected status, which goes into effect on Feb. 10, includes requirements for federal protections and the development of a recovery plan. It also means that states with habitats for this species are eligible for federal funds.

"Today's Endangered Species listing is the best—and probably last—hope for the recovery of the rusty patched bumble bee," NRDC Senior Attorney Rebecca Riley said in a statement from the Xerces Society, which advocates for invertebrates. "Bumble bees are dying off, vanishing from our farms, gardens, and parks, where they were once found in great numbers."

Large parts of the eastern and Midwestern United States were once crawling with these bees, Bombus affinis, but they've suffered a dramatic decline in the last two decades due to habitat loss and degradation, along with pathogens and pesticides.

Indeed, the bee was found in 31 states and Canadian provinces before the mid- to late-1990s, according to the final rule published in the Federal Register. But since 2000, it has only been reported in 13 states and Ontario, Canada. It has seen an 88 percent decline in the number of populations, and an 87 percent loss in the amount of territory it inhabits.

This means the species is vulnerable to extinction, the rule says, even without further habitat loss or insecticide exposure. Canada designated the species as endangered in 2012.

The bees live in large colonies that can be made up of 1,000 individual workers. All types of the species have black heads, the rule states, "but only workers and males have a rusty reddish patch centrally located on the abdomen."

Habitat degradation may be particularly harmful to these bees because of their feeding habits, as described in the rule:

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