Pastor: Worshippers afraid after sex assault nearby

Pastor: Worshippers afraid after sex assault nearby
  1. Pastor: Worshippers afraid after sex assault nearby
    NEW YORK (AP) — The pastor of a church where a congregant was attacked last week at gunpoint says people are afraid to come worship. Pastor &…

NEW YORK (AP) — The pastor of a church where a congregant was attacked last week at gunpoint says people are afraid to come worship.

Pastor Kehinde Oyetunde told the Daily News that more than 200 people usually turn up on Sunday at the Celestial Church of Christ in Jamaica, Queens. But only a small group came this week, after a woman was held at gunpoint and attacked a half-block from the church. A group stood outside and prayed for the victim Sunday.

The 50-year-old congregant says she was robbed and forced to perform sex acts at about 11 p.m. on Tuesday. Police arrested three suspects. A fourth is at large.

Other congregants say they’d feel safer with better street lights and increased police patrols in the area near the church.


Information from: Daily News,

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