Church sells Honor Bricks to raise funds to replace crumbling mortar

Church sells "Honor Bricks" to raise funds to replace crumbling mortar
  1. Church sells "Honor Bricks" to raise funds to replace crumbling mortar
    WARNER — Warner United Methodist Church has symbolized a community’s faith for 114 years, members say…
    Oklahoma (OK)

WARNER — Warner United Methodist Church has symbolized a community’s faith for 114 years, members say.

The “little rock church” now shows signs of wear as mortar cracks around the rocks.

Congregation members are raising money to replace mortar.

Members kicked off the campaign Thursday morning by breaking ground for the atrium, where people can go to pray or meditate.

The Rev. Jeremy Jones, pastor, said the atrium will feature benches and a cross. The atrium will be surrounded with Honor Bricks people can buy to commemorate loved ones.

The congregation is selling the bricks for $50 each to raise money toward replacing the mortar.

Church board of trustees chairwoman Ann Rossi said replacing the mortar would cost $25,000. She said the first batch of 28 Honor Bricks have been ordered.

Rossi said the mortar must be replaced to keep moisture from seeping into the church.

At the groundbreaking, Rossi said the rock structure “is the outer shell and visible symbol in our community.”

“That community comes to a building to worship, to sing, to eat, to have fun together, to make quilts for other families who need them, to minister to their neighbors,” Rossi said. “They have been coming to this rock building for 114 years. This building has seen a huge number of infant baptisms, weddings, funerals, vacation Bible schools, picnics, joys of all kinds. And God has worked in this community to bring love and hope through this little rock church.”

Rossi said the building inspires memories. She told about a Facebook post that featured a picture of Warner United Methodist and told how the poster’s parents were married in the church.

“She talked about how this little church brings her happiness and joy,” Rossi said. “And that’s what I’ve heard over and over again…

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