News search by key phrase

Search for news and events of your interest using our search menu.

It’s very simple:

Enter your search query and press “Enter” or search icon.

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Our search engine will pick up the latest news related to your search query and display them down on the page.

If you didn’t find anything, we recommend you to make sure the search term/phrase is spelled correctly and check the input language.

Use Advanced Search to retrieve more focused results.

Adding tags/topics

Keep abreast of the most important and discussed events. Add your own topics and tags.

It’s very easy:

Enter the search term or phrase in the special menu located on the left sidebar.

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Press the “+” icon and the search term will be added below in the form of a bookmark.

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Now by just clicking once on the added bookmark you can follow all news related to your key word/phrase.

Add more tags and key words to keep track of topics and events of your interest quickly and efficiently.

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The search for sources and news sites

You can read news only from those sources you like.

It’s very simple:

On the left sidebar press the “My feeds” tab and in the menu above enter the news resource of your interest. In the special pop-up menu all available news categories from the specified source will be displayed.

search feed form search feed form in action

Choose a preferred news feed and press the“+” icon. The source you’ve chosen will be displayed below in the form of a bookmark.

source displayed

Now in just one click you’re following news and articles from the source of you are interested in.

You can add several sources and follow news from them simultaneously.

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