Latest news from - Decatur feed

Latest news from - Decatur feed

  1. $2 million in grants help Sullivan growth

    04.26 / 00:42 - Decatur
    SULLIVAN – An assortment of federal and state awarded grants recently has provided more than $2 million to Sullivan, and is leading to more growth in the Moultrie County c…
  2. Cold front bringing storms to Decatur region

    04.25 / 23:41 - Decatur
    A thunderstorm is expected to rumble across the Decatur region Wednesday night, with winds of up to 60 mph and the possibility of hail. Off-and-on showers are projected for much of the…
  3. Corks and Forks return for 16th year

    04.25 / 20:02 - Decatur
    DECATUR – Corks and Forks co-host Kevin Hinton is ready for the annual fundraiser, but believes his job will be s…
  4. Caterpillar revenue, profits beat expectations

    04.25 / 18:03 - Decatur
    PEORIA — Caterpillar's first-quarter adjusted profit handily topped expectations on Wall Street, and revenue climbed thanks to improved sales across its business segments. The construction equipment company also boosted its full-year outlook thanks to a stronger-than-expected start to the y…