Latest news from OregonLive-OregonEducation feed

Latest news from OregonLive-OregonEducation feed

  1. History is alive in Oregon Teacher of the Year's class

    09.21 / 20:49 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    "I hope that (my students) take away that notion: That history is interesting, that it is important, and that it is essential in understanding who we are as Americans, as global citizens. And that we have a responsibility in learning that history so that we are a more inclusive…
  2. UO meningitis wrongful death civil trial begins

    09.14 / 21:48 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    A lawyer representing the mother of a University of Oregon student who died during a meningococcal outbreak told jurors at a civil trial that the emergency room doctor who examined the young woman was too hasty in his decision to send her home to…
  3. University of Oregon fraternity suspended 1 year for hazing

    09.14 / 15:36 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    The UO found the Chi Psi chapter had violated its student conduct…
  4. Oregon reading, writing, math scores decline across the board

    09.14 / 15:36 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    Oregon students lost ground in reading, writing and math over the past year. No grade level or racial group showed substantial improvement from 2016, and white students experienced the deepest…
  5. Spokane area high schooler killed as he tried to save others from school gunman

    09.14 / 15:36 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    The second-floor hallway of Freeman High School near Spokane, Washington, was at once a scene of chilling violence and pure bravery Wednesday…