Latest news from OregonLive-OregonEducation feed

Latest news from OregonLive-OregonEducation feed

  1. Elizabeth Hovde: Schools' mission impossible to feed kids better than they eat at home (Opinion)

    05.27 / 16:26 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    By Elizabeth Hovde I'm fully aware of the current societal commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of an Obama or an Obama-era policy." But we're long past the days of the former first lady dancing with vegetables and having…
  2. Should colleges get rid of fraternities?

    05.27 / 01:00 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    In the wake of Timothy Piazza's death, some people are saying we should get rid of fraternities…
  3. UO picks Unthank Hall as new name for dorm named after Klan leader

    05.27 / 01:00 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    President Michael Schill stated in a memo to the UO Board of Trustees that he wants the building to bear the name of the first black man to graduate from UO's architecture school, DeNorval Unthank Jr. The board is expected to vote on the new name early…
  4. 2 Tigard High School students faint in ceramics class; hazmat team determines classroom is safe

    05.26 / 23:07 OregonLive-OregonEducation
    A hazardous materials team determined no harmful substances were present and that the classroom was safe, but ceramics classes were canceled for the rest of the day as a…