Latest news from SaltLakeTribune-Money feed

Latest news from SaltLakeTribune-Money feed

  1. Uber to pay $20M to settle FTC driver-pay suit

    01.20 / 01:05 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    Uber Technologies Inc. agreed to pay $20 million to settle a U.S. Federal Trade Commission lawsuit over driver compensation claims and its auto leasing program. The FTC sued the San Francisco-based ride-hailing startup Thursday, saying Uber made…
  2. How to improve your sex life, not break the bank

    01.19 / 01:46 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    Trenton, N.J. : For many older couples, fun in the bedroom requires help from prescription drugs, but prices of popular brand-name sexual dysfunction drugs have tripled since 2010 and insurance coverage is spotty. Doctors who specialize in treating i... …
  3. Netflix signs 7M new customers, tops forecasts

    01.18 / 23:55 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    Netflix Inc. signed a record 7.05 million new customers in the fourth quarter, topping analysts' estimates for domestic and international growth to cap the company's first year as a global online TV service. The company added 5.12 million new custome... …
  4. Deutsche Bank finalizes $7.2B mortgage fine

    01.18 / 08:37 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    Deutsche Bank reached a final settlement with the Justice Department over its handling of mortgage-backed securities before 2008, resolving one of its biggest litigation risks. The bank agreed to pay $7.2 billion and admitted to misleading…
  5. FCC chair: 'Nobody safe' if GOP undoes net neutrality

    01.18 / 08:36 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    Online companies such as are vulnerable to unfair competition from internet service providers if the Federal Communications Commission's open-internet rule is reversed, agency Chairman Tom Wheeler said Tuesday. "Nobody is safe," Wheeler,…
  6. Wal-Mart to add about 10,000 retail jobs in U.S.

    01.17 / 17:16 SaltLakeTribune-Money
    New York : Wal-Mart plans to add about 10,000 retail jobs in the U.S. as it opens new stores and expands existing locations. The world's biggest retailer said Tuesday that its plans will also generate about 24,000 construction jobs. The jobs will com... …