Latest news from CNNMoney - Companies feed

Latest news from CNNMoney - Companies feed

  1. Big Oil could be ready for a big comeback

    03.30 / 15:57 CNNMoney - Companies
    Exxon, Chevron and other large oil stocks have been market dogs this year. But money managers think now's the time to buy energy stocks. OPEC cuts, Trump's support of the industry and higher demand could boost crude…
  2. Lululemon nosedives 21%: Its spring leggings are boring

    03.30 / 14:50 CNNMoney - Companies
    Lululemon is predicting a drop in sales because its spring leggings are boring. The news sent the stock down…
  3. Jeff Bezos passes Warren Buffett to become the world's second richest person

    03.29 / 23:47 CNNMoney - Companies
    Move over Warren Buffett, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person on…
  4. Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes everywhere

    03.29 / 20:07 CNNMoney - Companies
    Amazon will start collecting sales taxes on April 1 on purchases from the remaining states where buyers hadn't been charged in…
  5. Blue Origin unveils space capsule with 'largest windows in space'

    03.29 / 18:52 CNNMoney - Companies
    Blue Origin provides first peak at the interior of its six-seat space capsule for the New Shepard…
  6. Exxon to Trump: Don't ditch Paris climate change deal

    03.29 / 18:52 CNNMoney - Companies
    Not even ExxonMobil wants President Trump to abandon the Paris global climate…