Latest news from - Finance feed

Latest news from - Finance feed

  1. Appeals court strikes blow to investors in Fannie, Freddie dispute

    02.21 / 21:13 - Finance
    Hedge funds do not have the ability to sue the U.S. government over its decision to claim billions of dollars in profits from ailing housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.The ruling from the U.S. Court…
  2. CEOs praise House GOP border tax proposal

    02.21 / 15:13 - Finance
    A group of chief executive officers are praising House Republicans' proposed border-adjustment tax as the debate escalates.Border adjustability, which would subject imports to U.S. tax and exempt exports "is consistent with the tax policies…
  3. 7 key players in the GOP's border tax fight

    02.21 / 02:30 - Finance
    Republicans are fiercely divided over a key proposal in the House GOP tax reform plan, a measure that would hit imports with U.S. taxes while exempting exports.The border-adjusted tax was included in a tax blueprint House Republicans released…
  4. Angst in GOP over Trump's trade agenda

    02.21 / 02:30 - Finance
    Republican lawmakers are concerned about where President Trump is headed on trade and are asking who in the administration is in charge of policies that could affect their home-state economies. Their biggest worries are what will replace …