Latest news from Express-Tech feed

Latest news from Express-Tech feed

  1. Apple iPad review - World's greatest tablet just got more affordable

    04.22 / 12:28 Express-Tech
    APPLE'S new iPad has just gone on sale and brings quality features at a much lower costs. It might not be groundbreaking but there's plenty of reasons to buy…
  2. Amazon Echo v Google Home - Which is best and which one should you REALLY buy?

    04.22 / 10:09 Express-Tech
    AMAZON’S Echo now has some serious competition from Google Home and here’s everything you need to know about these two internet connected spe…
  3. Galaxy S8 has a SERIOUS problem and Samsung knows it

    04.22 / 08:24 Express-Tech
    SAMSUNG'S Galaxy S8 will officially arrive in shops next week but some early adopters have noticed an issue with their new…
  4. Sonos PLAYBASE review - Sounds like great idea but it's not perfect

    04.22 / 08:24 Express-Tech
    SONOS PLAYBASE has just gone on sale making with the aim of enhancing your TV's sound quality but it is any good? brings you our full…