Latest news from Express-Films feed

Latest news from Express-Films feed

  1. xXx star Deepika Padukone opens up on making blockbuster with Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel

    01.23 / 22:44 Express-Films
    XXX star Deepika Padukone has reflected on her experience of making new threequel Return Of Xander Cage, which has bowed at No2 at the US box…
  2. Baywatch movie 2017: NEW red-hot beach pictures - Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra, more

    01.23 / 19:20 Express-Films
    BAYWATCH stars are seen in their finest beachwear in a series of new pictures for the upcoming…
  3. James Bond: ‘I’m the next 007’ – Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland speaks out

    01.23 / 10:07 Express-Films
    SPIDER-MAN Homecoming star Tom Holland really wants to play James Bond 007 after Daniel…
  4. London Film Critics Circle awards 2017 WINNERS LIST: La La Land, Isabelle Huppert, more

    01.22 / 22:10 Express-Films
    THE LONDON FILM CRITICS CIRCLE prizegiving bash is over and done with for another year - with Isabelle Huppert and La La Land continuing their impressive winning streaks this awards…
  5. Film reviews: Lion and Jackie

    01.22 / 00:22 Express-Films
    LION is a gift of a story to illustrate the truism that it’s a very small world – while also being impossibly hug…