Latest news from LATimes-Tennis feed

Latest news from LATimes-Tennis feed

  1. The dilemma facing Sundance filmmakers: Attend Robert Redford's directors breakfast or join the protest march?

    01.19 / 23:39 LATimes-Tennis
    In a year uniquely marked by election-amplified clarion calls for political and artistic engagement, some filmmakers premiering their new films at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival are faced with a tough dilemma on Saturday: March or munch? A star-studded protest march and rally is slated to…
  2. One California lawmaker hopes the state will inspect marijuana candy to make sure it isn't marketed to children

    01.19 / 21:11 LATimes-Tennis
    Essential Politics: Becerra gets confirmation hearing in state Senate, Gov. Brown's budget team admits to math mistake Jan. 19, 2017, 1:03 p.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily look at California political and government news. Here's what we're watching right now: A state Senate…
  3. As extreme cold moves into Portland, the homeless die

    01.19 / 05:15 LATimes-Tennis
    In her final hours, as she tried to sleep in the wicked cold of a Portland parking garage and hypothermia took over her body, Karen Lee Batts became confused. She began to remove clothes. An attendant later found her on the garage floor. “She died from hypothermia due to the severe cold w…
  4. For attorney general nominee Xavier Becerra, immigration is a personal issue

    01.18 / 15:46 LATimes-Tennis
    Rep. Xavier Becerra recalls proudly working alongside his father as a teenager on sweaty construction jobs in Sacramento to help make ends meet. The son of immigrants, Becerra and his family of six lived in a cramped, 685-square-foot house. Those memories are close to the surface each time he fin…
  5. Obama's pardon of Chelsea Manning was an entirely defensible act of mercy

    01.17 / 23:53 LATimes-Tennis
    By definition, the exercise of clemency is an act of mercy,  not the meting out of mathematical justice. President Obama’s  decision to commute the sentence of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning is a defensible use of that power. The obvious argument for mercy is Manning’s recent ordeal as a trans…
  6. Gas station clerk shot and killed during robbery in Los Feliz

    01.17 / 22:02 LATimes-Tennis
    The shooting death of a Los Feliz gas station attendant during an early morning robbery Tuesday left co-workers and neighbors shaken in this upscale neighborhood near the gateway to the Greek Theater and Griffith Observatory.  “It is shocking,” said Benoit Hecquet, who lives near the Chevron gas…