Latest news from MiamiHerald-Americas feed

Latest news from MiamiHerald-Americas feed

  1. Cuban doctors get a new shot at emigration — if applications were submitted prior to cutoff

    01.20 / 00:52 MiamiHerald-Americas
    Hundreds of Cuban medical professionals awaiting in third countries for permission to emigrate to the United States got a reprieve Thursday with a new announcement by the Obama administration: paperwork … Click to Continue…
  2. Cubans who once feared Trump see him now as their last hope

    01.20 / 00:15 MiamiHerald-Americas
    Sitting on a dusty curb in this Mexican city just steps from the U.S. border, Eliannes Matos Salazar thinks back to when President Barack Obama visited Cuba 10 months ago. … Click to Continue…
  3. OFAC reaches settlement with pro-Cuba activist accused of violating embargo

    01.17 / 23:16 MiamiHerald-Americas
    The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has agreed to drop legal proceedings against longtime pro-Cuba activist Albert A. Fox Jr. in exchange for a fine payment of … Click to Continue »…
  4. Victims of mistaken identity among the 10 sent from Guantánamo to Oman

    01.17 / 22:02 MiamiHerald-Americas
    The Arabian Sea nation of Oman has taken in eight Yemenis and two Afghans from Guantánamo, the Pentagon said Tuesday, including several men cleared for release for years who were … Click to Continue …