Latest news from EDP Business - News feed

Latest news from EDP Business - News feed

  1. Nwes: Businessman inspired by his Italian heritage to launch food stall

    03.24 / 10:02 EDP Business - News
    Using his Italian heritage to open his own unit on the Norwich Market was a proud moment for Paolo…
  2. You could get an automatic refund if your broadband service is not up to speed

    03.24 / 09:01 EDP Business - News
    Customers who receive a poor service from their landline or broadband provider could be in line for automatic compensation as part of new…
  3. Worried about a robot taking your job? You might not need to be

    03.24 / 08:50 EDP Business - News
    Jobs will change rather than disappear over the next decade as robots are increasingly used in the world of work, a study…
  4. Welcome to the Tax & Pounds – the pub in a Norwich accountants’ office

    03.24 / 08:39 EDP Business - News
    Traditionally, an appointment with your accountant is about as eagerly anticipated as a visit to the dentist – but that may not be true at Norwich firm Farnell…
  5. Will we all have to work longer?

    03.24 / 07:09 EDP Business - News
    Calls have been made for an increase to the pension age to be brought forward - meaning workers may have to put their retirement back another year or two... or…
  6. Is the youth of today preparing for retirement? We asked City College students

    03.24 / 07:09 EDP Business - News
    While pensions may be a priority for those who have already embarked on a career, today’s teenagers have no shortage of other things to worry…