Latest news from The Daily Galaxy - News feed

Latest news from The Daily Galaxy - News feed

  1. Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines

    08.21 / 15:14 The Daily Galaxy - News
    Astrophysicists Predict Earth-Like Alien World in Star System Only 16 Light Years Away NASA's Mars 2020 Mission Ups the Ante --"Techniques and Landing Sites Modeled After Searches for Ancient Biosignatures of Life on Earth" Future Exoplanet Discoveries May Be…
  2. Solar Corona Preview of Today's Total Eclipse --"What the Sun's Aura of Plasma Will Look Like as It Extends Millions of

    08.21 / 14:14 The Daily Galaxy - News
    Today, August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible across the U.S. tracing out a 70-mile-wide band across 14 states. Beyond their rarity and otherworldly nature, solar eclipses help astronomers better understand the Sun -…
  3. "A Greater Survival Threat Than Asteroids" --NASA Proposes a Solution for Earth's 20 Supervolcanoes That Erupt Once Ever

    08.20 / 16:41 The Daily Galaxy - News
    There are around 20 known supervolcanoes on Earth, with major eruptions occurring on average once every 100,000 years, according to the BBC resulting in mass starvation, with a prolonged volcanic winter potentially prohibiting civilization from having enough food for…
  4. "Journey to the Center of the Milky Way" --NASA's Voyager Spacecraft at 40! (Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)

    08.20 / 15:41 The Daily Galaxy - News
    “Humans have been explorers forever,” says Voyager project scientist, Ed Stone. “This is just the newest human exploration by robotic means. Voyager 1 is now touching the material that fills most of the Universe.” In the late summer of 1977,..…
  5. "Totality!" --WATCH NASA Videos to Prep for Monday's Live-Streamed Total Eclipse

    08.19 / 15:07 The Daily Galaxy - News
    ". . . and the Sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist hovers over all." Said to refer to a total solar eclipse of 16 April 1178 BC. From, Homer, The Odyssey (8th century BC). The…