Latest news from Science News - Headlines feed

Latest news from Science News - Headlines feed

  1. ‘Making Contact’ chronicles an astronomer’s struggle to find E.T.

    07.24 / 21:02 Science News - Headlines
    For decades, astronomer Jill Tarter led the hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence, as detailed in the a new…
  2. Fewer big rogue planets roam the galaxy, recount shows

    07.24 / 15:50 Science News - Headlines
    Jupiter-mass planets without parent solar systems are less common than astronomers thought, a new study…
  3. Radioactive substances leave electron ‘fingerprints’ behind

    07.24 / 11:51 Science News - Headlines
    A new method of nuclear forensics could make it harder to handle radioactive material in…
  4. This history book offers excellent images but skimps on modern science

    07.23 / 12:48 Science News - Headlines
    For an accessible account of mostly pre-20th century science, check out The Oxford Illustrated History of…