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Latest news from - Lifestyle feed

  1. Lady Gaga's Illness Is Not a Metaphor

    09.21 / 17:58 - Lifestyle
    A new film details the reason the star postponed her recent tour—and will test cultural attitudes about gender, pain, and p…
  2. Battle of the Sexes Is a Breezy Crowd-Pleaser

    09.21 / 13:54 - Lifestyle
    Emma Stone and Steve Carell star as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, who faced off in a famed 1973 tennis match with surprising resonance for…
  3. A Novel That Imagines a World Without Bees

    09.14 / 19:39 - Lifestyle
    Maja Lunde’s climate-fiction debut uses species extinction to ask its human characters: What’s more important, self-interest or sac…
  4. Marjorie Liu on the Road to Making Monstress

    09.14 / 16:37 - Lifestyle
    The comic-book writer discusses working for Marvel, the loneliness of novel-writing, and why her epic-fantasy series is mostly populated by women and characters of…
  5. Better Things Is Somehow Better Still in Season 2

    09.14 / 13:40 - Lifestyle
    The FX comedy-drama by Pamela Adlon is one of the sharpest and most poignant shows on…