Latest news from PittsburghPost-Penguins feed

Latest news from PittsburghPost-Penguins feed

  1. The logistical challenges of putting an NHL game at Heinz Field, a venue suited for football

    02.24 / 05:25 PittsburghPost-Penguins
    For Dan Craig, the National Hockey League’s vice president of facilities operations, the most difficult part of the past 10 days was only tangentially related to the regulation-size NHL rink he and his crew have constructed in the middle of Heinz F…
  2. Joe Starkey: Mike Sullivan is having an amazing season

    02.24 / 05:25 PittsburghPost-Penguins
    It wasn’t exactly a slow news day in Penguins country. Not exactly a good one, either, for an already wounded d…
  3. Penguins get their defenseman; now what?

    02.24 / 05:25 PittsburghPost-Penguins
    What’s next? Isn’t that the (Pittsburgh) gold question right now for the Pen…
  4. Meet Ron Hainsey, the newest Penguin

    02.23 / 21:44 PittsburghPost-Penguins
    Ron Hainsey didn’t see his daughter, Alexa, before she left for school Thursday morning. So when Hainsey learned he had been traded and would be in a new city within of hours, he wanted to stop and see Alexa before he drove to the a…
  5. Jason Mackey's Penguins chat transcript: 2.23.17

    02.23 / 20:41 PittsburghPost-Penguins
    Jason Mackey: HI folks. Thanks for joining my chat. Lot going on today here at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex with Ron Hainsey, injuries, etc. Leave a question. I will answer everything I get. Please be patient, as I'm also waiting on a call from Hainsey and writing the main Penguins story and a notebook for…