Latest news from - Markets feed

Latest news from - Markets feed

  1. Buffett Says He Supports Trump's Cabinet Picks 'Overwhelmingly'

    01.20 / 04:36 - Markets
    Warren Buffett said he "overwhelmingly" supports President-elect Donald Trump's choices for cabinet positions as the incoming commander-in-chief's selections face confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate."I feel that way no matter who is president," the…
  2. Berkshire's Decker Says Buffett Can Take His Time With $85 Billion

    01.19 / 00:24 - Markets
    Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s record cash pile shouldn't burn a hole in Warren Buffett's pocket anytime soon, said board member Susan…
  3. Scaramucci Sells SkyBridge Hedge Fund After Joining Trump

    01.18 / 16:25 - Markets
    The hedge fund investment firm founded by Anthony Scaramucci said it will sell a majority of itself to RON Transatlantic EG and an arm of Chinese aviation and tourism conglomerate HNA Group, four days after Scaramucci took a position in President-elect Donald Trump's…
  4. US Corporate Bond Bonanza Seen on Republican Tax Cut Plan

    01.17 / 19:37 - Markets
    Donald Trump to the rescue?The $8.55 trillion U.S. corporate bond market has bucked concerns over mounting company indebtedness and so far resisted fears about the knock-on effects of the potential unraveling of the 35-year-old bull-run in government debt.Now, analysts…
  5. Trump Picks Tillerson, Perry May Revitalize Uranium, Nuclear Investing

    01.17 / 00:36 - Markets
    At the end of the day, giving “power” back to the people really can give Trump a tangible opportunity to create real American leadership, especially as it relates to nuclear energy, energy independence, innovation, and job…
  6. 4 Real Life Retirement Tips From Retired Financial Experts

    01.16 / 20:19 - Markets
    Most retirement advice has a flaw: It's being given by people who haven't yet retired.So I asked money experts who have quit the 9-to-5 for their best advice on how to prepare for…