Latest news from - Games feed

Latest news from - Games feed

  1. Fast RMX price announced, will utilize HD Rumble

    02.26 / 03:40 - Games
    The third title in this futuristic high-speed racing series after Fast Racing League (WiiWare, 2011) and Fast Racing Neo (Wii U, 2015) will be available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch's launch date of March 3, 2017 via the eShop. It'll set you back just $19.99 or €19.99, Shin-en's Manfred Linzner told Nintendo Life. Wii U's Fast Racing Neo was $14.99. In the interview Linzer also revealed that while they had to sacrifice things such as resolution in…
  2. Weekend deals: Falling price on Ghost Recon Wildlands, last call on $219 PS4

    02.25 / 20:40 - Games
    It's open beta weekend for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. If the game looks worthwhile for a pre-order, the co-op open-world shooter is also getting an 18% discount for PC gamers at GMG. Keys are from Ubisoft so they'll be sent out in time for pre-loading a few days before release. The same discount applies to the more expensive Deluxe and Gold editions, the latter of which contains the Season Pass. For the last two weeks Sony has been running a $50 off discount for PS4 Slim…
  3. Review: Neo Atlas 1469

    02.25 / 19:30 - Games
    “Y-you can't trick me! A black and white bear? It couldn't exist!”“A black and white bear… heh heh heh… Well, it's something different to look for if you reach the orient.”“A black and white bear… Impossible… Inconceivable! There's no way such a thing could exist, right? But if it did exist, what kind of pattern do you suppose it'd have?” Only a few hours into the game, and Neo Atlas 1469 has given me a quest to find a…
  4. Pick up Northgard for Steam with a 20% discount and refund guaranteed

    02.25 / 18:29 - Games
    Released just three days ago as an Early Access title on Steam, Northgard shot straight up to the #2 top-selling slot on the store, facing very positive reviews from gamers, particular those who were fans of Settlers titles. (Here's a look at the game from last year.) Interested gamers are in luck as Northgard is running a release-week discount of 10% off at Steam, but what's more enticing is that third-party digital retailer DLGamer has a stronger 20% off discount and it is still…
  5. Roundup: All the Horizon Zero Dawn deals from digital to physical

    02.25 / 14:10 - Games
    As a triple-A PS4 exclusive, you'd think Horizon Zero Dawn would have zero deals given how razor focused the title is, but thankfully, we've found some minor bargains and bonuses before release next Tuesday. Retail competition for your pre-order bucks has resulted in some interesting offers, from digital code discounts to gift card bonuses to paid membership offers. So your choices are plenty if you want to avoid paying full price, or simply get something out of buying early for…