Latest news from - Food feed

Latest news from - Food feed

  1. Biofilms with Listeria pose persistent threat in food production

    06.19 / 06:07 - Food
    It doesn’t matter how big or influential a company is, bacteria and biofilms don’t discriminate between multinationals like Dole with its tens of thousands of employees and operations like Hudson Valley Farms, where 10 or fewer people work. Both of those companies have had close encounters with Listeria, which ongoing research is showing can be... Continue Rea…
  2. Week 3: BPI continues case against ABC in defamation trial

    06.19 / 05:07 - Food
    The $1.9 billion state civil defamation trial pitting Beef Products  Inc. against Disney-owned ABC Television and reporter Jim Avila enters its third week today in Elk Point, SD. The 12-member jury and four alternates—11 women and five men—have so far heard only the live testimony or video depositions of plaintiff witnesses as BPI puts forward its... Continue Readi…
  3. Repackers, bakery, airport warned to clean up operations

    06.19 / 05:07 - Food
    A food warehouse and repacking facility, a bakery, a dietary supplement repacking facility and an airport are all on notice from the Food and Drug Administration for violations of the federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act. The FDA warned one company in March, another in April, the third in May, and the fourth in June.... Continue…
  4. Dog owners file $5 million action against Evanger’s, Nutripack

    06.19 / 05:07 - Food
    Nicole and Guy Mael, whose dog Talula died after eating Evanger’s brand “Hunk of Beef Au Jus” canned dog food on New Year’s Eve, have filed a class action complaint against Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co. Inc. and its sister company Nutripack LLC. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District... Continue Reading…
  5. Processing deviation cited as reason for 162.5 ton recall

    06.18 / 04:57 - Food
    Supreme Cuisine in Montgomery City, MO has recalled  approximately 325,000 pounds of meat and poultry fat and lard products due to a processing deviation, which may result in the potential growth and survival of bacterial pathogens in the products, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The duck, beef... Continue Re…