Latest news from - Arts feed

Latest news from - Arts feed

  1. New Muhammad Ali Biography Reveals A Flawed Rebel Who Loved Attention

    10.04 / 18:41 - Arts
    "I don't think we do Ali any good by treating him as a saint," says biographer Jonathan Eig. "He was a human being, and he was deeply flawed, but ... he had the spirit of a…
  2. 'Tenements, Towers & Trash' Brings Clean Lines To The City Of Failure

    10.04 / 14:25 - Arts
    Julia Wertz's loving, obsessively detailed visual history of the less-distinguished corners of New York City celebrates charming flops, long-gone businesses and dusty corners where dreams go to…
  3. Here Are The Finalists For The 2017 National Book Awards

    10.04 / 13:37 - Arts
    The National Book Foundation winnowed the list of contenders for its literary prize to just 20 — or five finalists each in four categories. Among them are Jesmyn Ward, Min Jin Lee and Frank B…
  4. 'Greater Gotham' Is A Great Big Book For A Great Big City

    10.04 / 13:37 - Arts
    The second volume in Mike Wallace's Pulitzer-winning history of New York City weighs in at over six pounds — and every ounce is packed with fascinating detail about the city that never s…