Latest news from LasVegasSun-Sports feed

Latest news from LasVegasSun-Sports feed

  1. In NFL betting, Patriots are closest to being a sure thing

    01.18 / 10:19 LasVegasSun-Sports
    A lot of different things could happen in the NFL conference championship games Sunday…
  2. Instant Analysis: Once the Rebels started missing their shots, Aztecs pulled way

    01.18 / 06:00 LasVegasSun-Sports
    Sooner than later, especially with the effort displayed by players, UNLV is going to go on a significant winning streak. Sooner than later, they are going to grab one of those program-building wins. While it’s easy to …
  3. Live blog: Shots falling early for UNLV

    01.18 / 03:34 LasVegasSun-Sports
    It's been a full week since UNLV last played, but the Rebels are still riding high after their 71-66 road win at New Mexico last Tuesday. That victory clearly injected some much needed verve into…
  4. High School Basketball Picks: Week 4

    01.17 / 00:34 LasVegasSun-Sports
    The high school basketball schedule is back-loaded this week, with no games taking place until Friday and the biggest ones not scheduled until Saturday at South Point as part of the Big City Showdown.…