Latest news from SeattleTimes-NBA feed

Latest news from SeattleTimes-NBA feed

  1. Sports-arena giant AEG can make ‘world-class’ facility at KeyArena, chief says

    01.15 / 21:25 SeattleTimes-NBA
    In a meeting with The Seattle Times’ editorial board, AEG President Bob Newman said the company’s focus is on a standalone “world-class” facility that could handle concerts and other events and be adapted for NBA and NHL use if needed…
  2. Podcast: AEG president touts potential ‘world class’ renovation of KeyArena

    01.15 / 21:23 SeattleTimes-NBA
    AEG president Bob Newman chats with Geoff about renovating KeyArena for NBA and NHL use. They discuss the pros and pitfalls of the site, including transportation issues that have to be…
  3. From Beatles to Sonics to Storm: Timeline of Seattle Center Coliseum and KeyArena

    01.15 / 21:21 SeattleTimes-NBA
    In the building's 55-year-history, KeyArena has had many names and many purposes. Here's a timeline of the venue's history from the 1960s to the…
  4. KeyArena upgrades will need to come with parking, traffic solutions

    01.15 / 21:19 SeattleTimes-NBA
    The Request for Proposals issued by the City of Seattle this week calls for applicants to develop strategies to allievate parking and traffic issues in the…