Latest news from -Europe feed

Latest news from -Europe feed

  1. Under EU rules, asylum seekers may be uprooted a second time

    03.30 / 15:49 -Europe
    An estimated 22,000 asylum seekers currently in France are in a situation of legal limbo. They are deemed eligible to apply for asylum in the EU - but under what's known as the Dublin Regulation, they have to return to the EU country where they were first formally registered. That usually means Greece, Italy or Hungary - but can also be Germany or Sweden. Our team went to meet some of these asylum seekers in Paris, who now face the prospect of being uprooted…
  2. InfoMigrants: a pan-European news platform for migrants

    03.30 / 12:30 -Europe
    FRANCE 24’s parent organisation has teamed up with German and Italian media outlets to launch InfoMigrants, a trilingual platform designed to provide migrants with verified and balanced information, at every stage of their j…
  3. Britain's Theresa May pens open letter to Europe

    03.30 / 08:14 -Europe
    British Prime Minister Theresa May penned an open letter to the European people, which was published in six continential dailies on Thursday, including Le Parisien in…
  4. Poisoned chalice: Socialist Valls backs independent centrist Macron

    03.29 / 17:31 -Europe
    In this powder-keg presidential race, a new spark set France’s political class alight Wednesday as former Socialist prime minister Manuel Valls shirked party allegiances to back the independent centrist Emmanuel M…