Latest news from -Europe feed

Latest news from -Europe feed

  1. New arrest in Manchester attack as US-UK resume intelligence sharing

    05.26 / 09:03 -Europe
    British police on Friday arrested another person in connection with Monday night's suicide bombing in Manchester, as the UK resumed sharing information with the US over the…
  2. Former Greek PM hurt in bomb blast

    05.25 / 20:41 -Europe
    A bomb exploded inside the car of former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos in central Athens on Thursday, wounding him and two Bank of Greece employees, officials…
  3. Trump calls on NATO leaders to pay their fair share

    05.25 / 17:29 -Europe
    President Donald Trump on Thursday chastised NATO leaders for not paying their fair share to protect the alliance, complaining in front of them that the defense burden the United States has shouldered for many years is "not fair" to its…
  4. Macron white-knuckles Trump in first meetup

    05.25 / 17:29 -Europe
    Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron completed the initial leg of his first diplomatic marathon with a win: He beat his US counterpart in a handshake…