Latest news from -Games feed

Latest news from -Games feed

  1. Breakout Ninja dev highlights the waning appeal of ad-removal IAPs

    01.18 / 14:47 -Games
    New data released by Breakout Ninja developer Part Time Monkey shows just how hard it is to turn ad-removal in-app purchases into a meaningful source of income. ... …
  2. Wizards of the Coast makes a show of opening new digital game studio

    01.18 / 00:06 -Games
    Game publisher Wizards of the Coast has launched a new Digital Games Studio division that aims to reimagine digital versions of the company's games, like D& D and Magic: The Gathering. ... …
  3. Microsoft acquires Simplygon in bid to accelerate 3D creators' suite

    01.17 / 19:48 -Games
    Microsoft has picked up Simplygon in an acquisition that the company says will strengthen both its '3D for everyone' initiative and the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. ... …
  4. Some for-profit game dev programs earn an 'F' from Department of Education

    01.17 / 17:57 -Games
    A number of game schools and programs have been named in the Department of Education's final debt-to-earnings report, and while there are some that pass, there are others that fail to make the grade. ... …