Latest news from -Games feed

Latest news from -Games feed

  1. These are your 'Best In Play' winners for GDC Play 2017!

    02.20 / 20:04 -Games
    GDC organizers have revealed the 'Best in Play' awards for exhibitors in the on-site GDC Play 2017 event, honoring remarkable games like Beholder and Far: Lone Sails! …
  2. Learn level design tricks from an Arkane designer at GDC 2017!

    02.20 / 18:58 -Games
    Arkane's own Steve Lee, a level designer on Dishonored 2, will be giving a fantastic talk on holistic level design as part of the GDC 2017 Level Design Workshop. …
  3. Grandia creators discuss the importance of compelling characters

    02.20 / 16:42 -Games
    The team over at Shmuplations have dug up and translated another vintage game dev interview, this time featuring the creators behind classic RPG, Grandia.  …
  4. Todd Howard talks the pros and cons of bringing Fallout to VR

    02.20 / 15:38 -Games
    "I will say that Fallout works because of the interface. The Pip-Boy is on your wrist and we've been able to present so that it works the way you expect." …
  5. Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Student project Zombie Crawler

    02.20 / 14:36 -Games
    In Zombie Crawler, players become the creeping dead, using their hands on a custom designed treadmill to pull themselves toward a human victim. …
  6. Q& A: Creating the defiantly retro Double Dragon IV

    02.20 / 14:36 -Games
    The makers of the classic 1987 arcade brawler Double Dragon reunited to create a sequel that looks and plays exactly like earlier entries in the series. They discuss their retro revival with us. …