Latest news from -Science feed

Latest news from -Science feed

  1. Mass wildebeest drownings bolster Mara River ecosystem

    06.19 / 21:20 -Science
    Scientists have quantified the ecological impact of mass wildebeest drownings in Kenyan reach of the Mara…
  2. Roasting level alters the nutritional benefits of coffee

    06.19 / 20:24 -Science
    According to new research, coffee's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are diminished by…
  3. Cats were first domesticated in the Near East and ancient Egypt, DNA data shows

    06.19 / 19:28 -Science
    Far East farmers first domesticated the African wildcat some 10,000 years ago, DNA analysis…
  4. Climate scientists predict an increase in deadly heat waves

    06.19 / 18:21 -Science
    If greenhouse gas emissions continue at the same rate, 74 percent of the planet's populations will be exposed to deadly heatwaves by the end of the…
  5. Mouse eyes react to light without the help of the brain

    06.19 / 16:18 -Science
    New analysis suggests the iris in the eye of a mouse doesn't need the brain's help to sense light and direct the pupils to dilate or contract in…
  6. Bacterial 'hair' study could pave way for new antibiotics

    06.19 / 15:21 -Science
    Scientists have identified the molecular building blocks essential to the formation of hair-like filaments called pili, which bacteria use for a variety of…