Latest news from - Alberta feed

Latest news from - Alberta feed

  1. Should more women be running for office in Lethbridge?

    09.22 / 01:24 - Alberta
    One potential voter thinks having more women on Lethbridge City Council would bode well for the…
  2. Employee charged after Bowden Institution inmate escaped in 2015

    09.22 / 00:18 - Alberta
    A guard has been charged after a 19-month investigation into the escape of a Bowden Institution inmate in…
  3. Friends defend Tamara Lovett, Calgary mom convicted in son’s death

    09.21 / 18:34 - Alberta
    A sentencing hearing is expected Thursday for Tamara Lovett, the Calgary mom convicted in the 2013 death of her seven-year-old son…
  4. Castle Mountain Resort still under mandatory evacuation

    09.15 / 00:48 - Alberta
    More than 130 homes and structures were evacuated on Tuesday as a precautionary measure because of the Kenow…