Latest news from - Edmonton feed

Latest news from - Edmonton feed

  1. Civilian Edmonton police employee has child pornography charges withdrawn; jailed for other charge

    07.25 / 01:04 - Edmonton
    Child pornography charges against a civilian employee of the Edmonton Police Service have been withdrawn, but he is going to jail for making an arrangement to commit a sexual offence against a child.Aaron Rothwell, 41, had charges of making, printing and publishing child pornography withdrawn Monday. The charges of distributing and selling child…
  2. How to keep up with K-Days weather cancellations

    07.24 / 22:51 - Edmonton
    If the weather forecast doesn't look good and you're heading to K-Days, you should check online before planning your trip.Poor weather conditions have led to the cancellation of several events at K-Days since the exhibition opened on Friday. The lumberjack and hypnotist shows on Monday afternoon were cancelled due to rain and Sunday night's…
  3. United Conservative Party caucus picks Nathan Cooper as interim leader

    07.24 / 22:09 - Edmonton
    Former Progressive Conservative and Wildrose MLAs put aside old rivalries Monday, selecting Nathan Cooper to serve as interim leader of the new United Conserative Party. The new caucus gathered at the Federal Building Monday afternoon after a weekend that saw members of both parties endorse merging under the UCP banner. Cooper is MLA for…
  4. Blue-green algae advisory issued for Hastings Lake

    07.24 / 20:44 - Edmonton
    A blue-green algae advisory was issued for Hastings Lake, about 45 kilometres east of Edmonton, on Monday morning by Alberta Health Services.Residents and visitors are being warned a bloom of the toxic algae was found on the lake and should take precautions to avoid contact with it. Blue-green algae can cause serious skin irritation, sore throats…
  5. Man accused of sexually abusing his daughters has case moved to Queen's Bench

    07.24 / 20:44 - Edmonton
    The case against man accused of sexually abusing his three daughters over a six-year period was elevated to the Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday.The charges allege one of the man’s daughters was “procured for sex” with strangers online, instances of which he recorded on video. Other charges include human trafficking, incest, sexual assault with a w…
  6. Greater Edmonton had Canada's second-highest homicide rate last year: StatsCan

    07.24 / 19:22 - Edmonton
    Greater Edmonton — including outlying communities like Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan — had the second-highest homicide rate in Canada in 2016, according to new crime data from Statistics Canada. The greater Edmonton area had 47 homicides last year, a rate of 3.39 slayings per 100,000 population. Only Thunder Bay, Ont., and its sur…