Latest news from - Lifestyle feed

Latest news from - Lifestyle feed

  1. Hallelujah! Churchgoers are less-stressed, live longer: Study

    06.19 / 15:50 - Lifestyle
    Praise the Lord! A new study suggests churchgoers live healthier…
  2. ‘The Human Project’ will study 10,000 people for 20 years - From credit card swipes to blood samples

    06.19 / 15:50 - Lifestyle
    NEW YORK — Wanted: 10,000 New Yorkers interested in advancing science by sharing a trove of personal information, from cellphone locations and credit-card swipes to blood samples and life-changing events. For 20 y…
  3. Personal disclosure leads to family's judgment

    06.19 / 11:27 - Lifestyle
    Dear Amy: Recently on Facebook, I shared my story from a former relationship, involving how poorly I was treated and how his sexual assault resulted in me getting pregnant and -- after weighing all of my options -- choosing to have an abortion. I finally felt strong enough to tell this story without being…
  4. Meghan Markle keeps Prince Harry's ring close to her

    06.18 / 23:44 - Lifestyle
    Meghan Markle is proving her relationship with Britain’s Prince Harry is more serious than ever, by refusing to remove a gold ring her royal beau gave h…
  5. Husband's iPhone addiction leaves wife lonely

    06.18 / 11:19 - Lifestyle
    Dear Amy: My husband of many years is addicted to his iPhone. It goes everywhere with him and has his undivided attention. There was once a time that this was necessary for his work. I understood and did not mind, but it is no longer a necessity for his work, and his time on this device has me…
  6. 'Don't drink curdled milk' and 'never buy cheap liquor': Best, worst advice from Dad

    06.18 / 11:19 - Lifestyle
    Look who’s laughing - likely you! Good ol’ dad has doled out some sage words of wisdom over the years, some we took because he was watching, but we discarded lots too…