Latest news from - Music feed

Latest news from - Music feed

  1. Why isn’t Kanye West performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration today?

    01.20 / 19:07 - Music
    While West would have easily locked down the one A-list performer Trump's team tried incredibly hard to secure in recent months, he apparently was not even…
  2. Bonnie Raitt returning to Calgary in June

    01.18 / 20:34 - Music
    Blues performer Bonnie Raitt is returning to Canada for her first extended tour of the country in over ten years. The tour stops in Calgary June 16 at the Jubilee Auditorium. Following the release of her Grammy-nominated twentieth album Dig In Deep  in 2016, Raitt embarked on the ambitious tour that is seeing her perform more…
  3. Jan Lisiecki carves out classical music career on his own terms

    01.18 / 19:52 - Music
    “I’m quite set in my ways. And stubborn.” Were it to come from any other 21-year-old, the above statement might seem a little precious. But it’s not a stretch coming from Jan Lisiecki. The pianist is on the line from his Calgary home talking about the artistic direction he has taken under Deutsche Grammophon, the venerable, 120-year-old…
  4. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival aims to delight, provoke us

    01.18 / 14:23 - Music
    An audacious proposition under any circumstances, this year’s VSO New Music Festival adds several new elements into the traditionally untraditional…
  5. Jazz was Nat Hentoff’s teacher as well as his chief pleasure, while he gave it both shape and importance

    01.17 / 15:49 - Music
    Robert Fulford: His close connection with jazz began when he was a teenager and became a friend of Duke Ellington, whom he often called 'my…