Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. Putting the Culture back in department name, says Christopher Mitchelmore

    02.27 / 15:32 - Politics
    The Newfoundland and Labrador government is putting the Culture back in its department name, just a few days after cutting the word…
  2. Hell no Snelgrove! protest happening outside RNC St. John's headquarters

    02.27 / 15:06 - Politics
    A group of people who want to see Const. Doug Snelgrove fired from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary are protesting today outside police…
  3. Sexual assault not just a women's problem, says protest organizer following Snelgrove verdict

    02.26 / 17:30 - Politics
    Following protests in response to the not guilty verdict in Const. Doug Snelgrove's sexual assault trial, an organizer of another protest says the decision affects…
  4. Cod an option in face of looming shrimp cuts, says FFAW

    02.26 / 09:31 - Politics
    The head of the FFAW says inshore fish harvesters could start to look for options in a cod fishery as another cut to shrimp quotas looks…