Latest news from - TV&Movies feed

Latest news from - TV&Movies feed

  1. Disney boss reveals major details about the future of Star Wars

    03.24 / 05:00 - TV&Movies
    Disney CEO Bob Iger has opened up about the future of Star Wars and addressed the death of Carrie Fisher during an uncharacteristically candid interview."We're starting talk about what could happen after Episode IX . About…
  2. Hollywood producer: Rotten Tomatoes causing 'destruction' of movie business

    03.24 / 02:04 - TV&Movies
    A Hollywood director has blasted movie review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes as "the destruction of our business".Brett Ratner, who directed the Rush Hour films and co-financed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , said…
  3. Cue cards get a workout as Love Actually stars ask 'who aged best?'

    03.23 / 23:17 - TV&Movies
    An extended trailer for the Love Actually sequel being put together for Red Nose Day has been released, joking about who in the cast has aged most gracefully.Paying comical homage to the famous "To me, you are perfect"…
  4. Sir Ian McKellen will play his Lord of the Rings character Gandalf again

    03.23 / 21:56 - TV&Movies
    Sir Ian McKellen will play the role of Gandalf once more in a new one-man show.McKellen will reprise the role in a production at London's Park Theatre called Shakespeare, Tolkein, Others & You , according to NME .The…