Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. Nelson by-election could be parting gift from councillors bound for Beehive

    01.19 / 21:53 - Politics
    An $80,000 by-election could be on the cards for Nelson if two city councillors buzz off to the…
  2. Rachel Boyack selected as Labour Party candidate for Nelson

    01.19 / 21:12 - Politics
    Rachel Boyack has been selected as Nelson's Labour Party candidate for the 2017 General …
  3. Number of cycle helmet fines drops from 11,000 to 5500 in two years

    01.19 / 03:25 - Politics
    The number of cyclists fined for not wearing a helmet has halved in the past two years, with police saying it is a low priority …
  4. Beggars reveal what life is like on the street

    01.18 / 06:11 - Politics
    Reports of beggars in Auckland earning up to $150 a day has triggered a fierce public debate about the reasons why people beg, and it has prompted criticism from some …
  5. MPs' hidden talents: Statistics Minister Mark Mitchell has a handle on police dogs

    01.18 / 03:07 - Politics
    As one of the newest members of Cabinet, it may take Mark Mitchell some time to get used to handing out…