Latest news from - Celebrities feed

Latest news from - Celebrities feed

  1. Jordan Mauger says he chose Bachelor winner by flipping coin

    04.26 / 05:57 - Celebrities
    Jordan Mauger says he flipped a coin to choose the winner of the Bachelor…
  2. Elon Musk posts intimate photo with girlfriend Amber Heard

    04.25 / 02:24 - Celebrities
    In a picture tweeted to Elon Musk's 8.3 million followers, actress Amber Heard is leaning casually on the billionaire inventor's shoulder at a restaurant, with Musk sporting a lipstick kiss on his…
  3. Caitlyn Jenner talks of suicide, secrets in new tell-all book

    04.24 / 21:08 - Celebrities
    Caitlyn Jenner opened up on Monday about her frank new memoir detailing her now two-year-old transition and the bumps along the way, including her three failed marriages, thoughts of suicide while she was relentlessly pursued by paparazzi, and, finally, freedom to be her true…
  4. Warren Beatty's Rules Don't Apply brings him back to the big screen

    04.24 / 17:04 - Celebrities
    By golly, this handshake is going on for ages. Warren Beatty's grip is firm, warm and worryingly protracted. "Have we met before?" he says, closing in for a better look. No, I say. He grins roguishly and, just for a moment, I'm looking down the barrel of 50 years at Clyde Barrow. Unfortunately, I'm no Faye…