Latest news from - Celebrities feed

Latest news from - Celebrities feed

  1. CHIPS: Why fans of the TV show hate the new movie version

    03.24 / 02:17 - Celebrities
    Hardcore CHiPs fans hate it and the real California Highway Patrol seems not quite sure what to make of …
  2. Iron Fist: Marvel's 'first complete misfire', say critics

    03.24 / 01:57 - Celebrities
    If your web connection seems sluggish while you're watching Iron Fist, don't blame your internet provider. The problem is the listless pace of this new Netflix …
  3. 'I was made to feel like garbage every day': Jerry Maguire child star on being bullied

    03.23 / 21:49 - Celebrities
    Remember Jonathan Lipnicki, the adorable little guy from the 1996 film Jerry …
  4. Matt McLean accidentally drops c-bomb on Breakfast

    03.23 / 20:09 - Celebrities
    Matt McLean accidentally dropped the "c-bomb" on Breakfast on Friday m…