Latest news from - Music feed

Latest news from - Music feed

  1. Kanye not 'traditionally American' enough for Trump inauguration, hints organiser

    01.19 / 18:49 - Music
    Will Kanye West be the next musician to drop an anti-Trump track? There's a distinct…
  2. Young mum's voice hits a chord with the nation

    01.19 / 06:29 - Music
    A young mum who believed she had no talent has unlocked her voice to capture the…
  3. Gig review: Nick Cave lays hands on Wellington fans at the TSB Bank Arena

    01.17 / 21:19 - Music
    REVIEW: If you've ever been to a revivalist, gospel style, gathering, Nick Cave live is a familiar…
  4. Bruce Springsteen covers band pull out of Donald Trump gala

    01.17 / 18:35 - Music
    A Bruce Springsteen cover band has changed its tune about performing at a Washington gala the day before Republican Donald Trump's…
  5. Green Day release anti-Trump video

    01.17 / 18:14 - Music
    Much of the world's entertainers have already received and rejected their invitation to Donald Trump's presidential inauguration this weekend – but it's safe to say Green Day won't even make that initial lis…
  6. The Bats are back and won't be resting any time soon

    01.16 / 20:22 - Music
    Robert Scott has just knocked off work, "down at the local kids' school" in Port Chalmers outside…