Latest news from - Music feed

Latest news from - Music feed

  1. Chuck Berry a flawed man, but a marvellous musician

    03.24 / 07:47 - Music
    OPINION: Chuck Berry died this week in his 91st year. Respectful obituaries, mostly I suspect pre-written, were published the world over. Tributes were sought from those whom he influenced or maybe just well-worn quotations dusted…
  2. 'Father of NZ folk music' farewelled in Chch

    03.24 / 04:54 - Music
    Christchurch folk singer Phil Garland was remembered as a "troubadour", a family man and a mentor at his funeral on…
  3. Hamilton teenager shares stage with Adele in Auckland

    03.24 / 03:37 - Music
    Teagan Gunn has been on stage with Adele, and she's already being recognised in the…
  4. Adele in New Zealand: Five unforgettable moments from her first show

    03.23 / 23:33 - Music
    OPINION: The first of Adele's three Auckland shows kicked off with a bang as she enchanted a packed stadium of…
  5. New Chuck Berry album, CHUCK, to be posthumously released

    03.23 / 21:29 - Music
    The first Chuck Berry album in nearly four decades will be released following the musician's…