Latest news from - Music feed

Latest news from - Music feed

  1. 'The time is right for a Deep Purple tribute'

    02.22 / 04:14 - Music
    East Auckland's own statesman of the blues-rock music scene is a master craftsman guitarist and vocalist who always delivers the goods through his hard-working, sweat-drenched …
  2. Awkward live mic feed of Katy Perry’s Grammys performance leaks

    02.22 / 00:01 - Music
    This should make you feel good about your boozy, off-key Friday night karaoke renditions of…
  3. J Cole coming to New Zealand for one December show

    02.21 / 23:32 - Music
    Rapper J Cole will make a fleeting visit to New Zealand this December, to play one Auckland…
  4. Christchurch Bruce Springsteen 'superfan' dances with The Boss

    02.21 / 21:34 - Music
    Bruce Springsteen made Gill Cross's dream come true after pulling her out of the Christchurch crowd and dancing with…