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  1. Ebola Blood Test May Help Predict Survival Chances

    Drugs.com -Health 01.20 / 20:35 www.drugs.com
    FRIDAY, Jan. 20, 2017 -- A blood test may help determine a person's chance of surviving an Ebola infection, researchers say. "It is not just defining how much Ebola virus that is present in a patient that defines whether a patient will survive.…
  2. Scientists predict outcome of Ebola infection with blood test: Study

    Upi.com -Health 01.20 / 17:44 www.upi.com
    Amy WallaceJan. 20 (UPI) -- Researchers at the University of Liverpool have developed a blood test that can determine whether patients will survive or die from the Ebola…
  3. Now, blood test can predict survival for patients with Ebola

    Siasat.com - Health 01.20 / 08:17 siasat.com
    Washington: British scientists have identified a ‘ molecular barcode’ in the blood of patients with Ebola Virus that can predict whether they will survive or not. The research, published in Genome Biology, provides data on the underlying causes of Ebola virus infection and suggests that this type of blood analysis could be integrated into future…
  4. Scientists identify 'molecular barcode' in blood samples that can predict survival of Ebola patients

    News-medical.net -Health 01.19 / 12:53 www.news-medical.net
    Scientists have identified a 'molecular barcode' in the blood of patients with Ebola virus disease that can predict whether they are likely to survive or die from the viral…