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  1. FTSE 100 recovers from last week's scare

    Iii.co.uk -Markets 06.19 / 17:08 www.iii.co.uk
     Last week's late twitch reignited speculation that a stockmarket correction was imminent. Investors worried about stretched equity valuations, weak retail data and sector profits warnings, a narrow 5-3 vote against a UK interest rate rise, then panic around the possible implications of Amazon's $13.7 billion takeover of Whole Foods. Article Analysis and Commentary …
  2. Here's the predicted FTSE 100 range for this week

    Iii.co.uk -Markets 06.19 / 10:19 www.iii.co.uk
    There is plenty of optimism, but chartist Alistair Strang isn't entirely convinced.This is what he thinks the FTSE 100 will do this week. Article Analysis and Commentary ii Alistair Strang (Trends & Targets AUTNT) Regular…
  3. General Election: FTSE 100 Winners and Losers

    Morningstar.co.uk -Markets 06.18 / 22:11 www.morningstar.co.uk
    The FTSE 100 is up in mid-morning trading following the shock General Election result. Leading the rally are miners and international…