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  1. Andrew Napolitano: Hillary Clinton and the FBI...again

    Teoti.com - Internet 04.27 / 17:38 teoti.com
    Last weekend, The New York Times published a long piece about the effect the FBI had on the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. As we all know, Donald Trump won a comfortable victory in the Electoral College while falling about 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton in the…
  2. Barbra Streisand Blames Sexism for Hillary Clinton’s ‘Heartbreaking’ Loss

    Breitbart.com - Celebrities 04.27 / 15:14 breitbart.com
    Singer Barbra Streisand has suggested that America's misogynistic tendencies are to blame for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016…
  3. Samantha Bee ‘looked forward to holding Pres. Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire’

    Celebitchy.com -Celebrities 04.27 / 11:21 www.celebitchy.com
    Samantha Bee covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter. First off, it’s a lovely cover and shoot. I’m glad that THR didn’t default to making Bee do a jokey editorial because do you get it, she’s FUNNY! Like funny women can’t be hot and vice versa. They let her be hot/pretty. Anyway, Bee covers […]…
  4. Mexico’s ‘Hillary Clinton’ rips Trump over ‘useless’ wall

    CNBC - Politics 04.27 / 11:12 cnbc.com
    "It's a false solution to a false problem," Margarita Zavala said of the wall. NBCNews…
  5. Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton Lacked ‘Personality’ on Campaign Trail

    Freebeacon.com - Washington (WA) 04.27 / 02:19 freebeacon.com
    The post Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton Lacked ‘Personality’ on Campaign Trail appeared first on Washington Free…
  6. ‘Please Keep Going,’ Hillary Clinton Tells LGBT Center Crowd

    Chelseanow.com - New York (NY) 04.26 / 19:19 chelseanow.com
    BY PAUL SCHINDLER | “I know the election hit a lot of us hard,” Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd at this week’s Center Dinner in a drolly delivered bit of understatement. After the knowing laughter subsided, the former secretary of state, who won last year’s presidential popular vote by nearly three million votes yet [……