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  1. Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode One “Hero in Residence” Review

    Thexboxhub.com - Games 07.20 / 13:57 thexboxhub.com
    The extended first season of Minecraft: Story Mode ended on a massive high, leaving myself and many other gamers open to the possibility of additional tales in the future. Well, Telltale Games have been working with Mojang to bring a five-part second season to fruition and the first episode, “Hero in Residence”, has now arrived. But where exactly can they take the narrative to next, won’t it just become a stale affair with the same old characters? The post Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two –…
  2. Nintendo drops the hammer on Pixelmon, a Pokemon mod for Minecraft

    Destructoid.com - Games 07.19 / 17:53 destructoid.com
    The popular Pokémon mod featuring over 520 pokémon is coming to an end after four years. In the latest update, the Pixelmon Team sadly announced that "after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors." Development on the mod has come to an end, but people are continuing to share what's been made so far and I doubt Nintendo will be able to full clean out the entire internet of it. Nintendo in the past year has taken down Pokémon…