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  1. Wynncraft is a full, free fantasy MMO built within Minecraft

    Destructoid.com - Games 05.22 / 23:17 destructoid.com
    There are two kinds of people in this world. One uses Minecraft's endless possibility to make dicks, the other builds a complete fantasy MMO with over 100 quests, guilds, and more. That's Wynncraft, a full-featured MMO four years in the making that you can play right now for free if you have a copy of Minecraft. Just add the server. The site boasts Wynncraft has a million unique users, with over a thousand online right now. And there's a huge world for these folks to explore.…

    Geektyrant.com - TV&Movies 05.22 / 21:14 geektyrant.com
    Welcome....to Wynncraft. If you happen to stumble across these lands, you may mistake it for Minecraft. There's nothing wrong with that, for this is an MMORPG set within the Minecraft universe on its own, paid server. And it's a world that's been four years in the making...read more on…
  3. Major Switch Minecraft bug fixed, developers still researching 1080p update

    Destructoid.com - Games 05.22 / 16:43 destructoid.com
    Recently folks have had some issues with the Switch version of Minecraft, most notably the "ghosting" problem where the Home and screenshot buttons would randomly operate without the player's consent. It was a hilarious bug that no doubt caused some people to check behind their TVs and check their Zillow listings to see if anyone previously died in their house, but it came to an end several days ago due to a patch. Also on the docket is a 1080p patch, given that the game currently is…
  4. Microsoft Releases Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

    Thurrott.com - Games 05.22 / 15:06 thurrott.com
    Microsoft announced today that the Code Builder Update for Minecraft: Education Edition is now available, along with other updates to both in-game features and Classroom Mode. The post Microsoft Releases Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition appeared first on…
  5. Minecraft Nintendo Switch Review — Building On The Go

    Dualshockers.com - Games 05.21 / 22:27 dualshockers.com
    Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition by 4J Studios is one of the best versions of the mass-popular franchise you can buy. ...Read More The post Minecraft Nintendo Switch Review — Building On The Go by Jordan Boyd appeared first on…
  6. Digital Foundry Breaks Down Specs For MINECRAFT On Nintendo Switch

    Geektyrant.com - TV&Movies 05.21 / 13:25 geektyrant.com
    Is the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft the definitive edition of the game? Digital Foundry explores that in his latest video, and the answer is "kind of". While the game does deliver that mobile console experience people have waited years for...read more on…