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  1. Here Are The Patch Notes For The Minecraft Discovery Update

    Justpushstart.com - Games 03.30 / 08:39 justpushstart.com
    Minecraft will be getting a new patch very soon called the “Discovery Update”. It will add a ton of new features among other things. This new update is coming soon to the Windows 10 and Pocket Editions of Minecraft. You can read about the full patch notes posted below. Adventure in Woodland Mansions: Trade with the new Cartographer villager to get treasure maps, follow the map, and journey to the woodland mansion. Battle Illagers – the villagers gone bad –  to claim fant…
  2. 'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' Getting Treasure Maps, Llamas, and More in the 'Discovery Update'

    Toucharcade.com - Games 03.29 / 23:16 toucharcade.com
    Barely a few days after Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] got command blocks and more, the developers are almost ready to start beta testing the 1.1 update, which is called the Discovery Update. According to a blog post today, the Discovery Update will be all about mysterious and wondrous things to uncover. For instance, you can …